Creative Meditation by Mugil Geet

Creative Meditation  by Mugil Geet

Creative conscious Meditation

    If we want to understand the nature of the Supreme Being we need only to look into our own nature. Jiva, the individual soul, is a smaller version of Shiva, the Supreme Soul, because we, like our maker, are conscious, creative beings. And just as it is our innermost nature to be creative and active, to will and to desire, to know and to enjoy, so it is the nature of Divine Being to freely and consciously manifest the universe through an act of supreme will.


      Life is Creative Meditation.  It is meditation method mentioned  in  Siva Sutra.  The ohm means creation. Creative Meditation is  a state of mind. When you are creatively meditative in life  you see different dimensions of life in work, anger, hunger,tension  and all. 

                Consciousness is inherently creatives  says upanishad

         Creative  Meditation is   nothing  but all    time having  conscious of being creative. It is so simple.  

         It is a very simple meditation method.
         No need to sit, no need do yoga, no need to breath exercise.

        Then what else to do?

        Do every act in day to day life  with the   consciousness  that  I am Creative  in this act.  creative conscious meditation is other words means,  creative and conscious  to any work your are doing.


    The act may be anything eating, working, or crying.  Just try in any act.   

    Even now  you  can say yourself that I am creatively reading this article. That makes the difference

       The creative conscious gives you  the immediate freedom from act and  the act itself becomes meditation .  For a say you eat  with creative conscious and  contemplate that I am creative in eating now.  Your entire attitude and awareness is entirely changed. 

     The act of eating changes becomes meditation  The food tastes more.  You chew well. you feel light.  Your mind stops thinking. You feel happy for no reason.  you can feel it.  

     It is applicable to any act. It is creative Meditation.   It immediately liberates you.  

         You are now meditative  in all acts of life. All ways be in the conscious that  I am Creative.  It is so simple.   

         Every man and his soul is  creative. We are not here just to live, or  to work but  live creatively and consciously 

         When you are angry just try to think that i am creatively angry.  The entire things changes.   The anger unfolds itself. You will see the entire dimension of the anger. You can see the beauty of the angry.  You anger becomes beautiful.   your attitude changes. You will become relaxed. you act differently.

         You will feel the gap between you and your anger.   The soul will tell how to act to this situation. You become aware. Your mechanical attitude will change. It is so simple. Just all way thing that I am Creative .  It is creative meditation. 

    One important thing is just   remember do not try to   change the act voluntarily, the remembering will take care of all the things. Now you will act from your heart.  your act will be a beautiful one.

   After  a day or two you will be a different person.  Creative conscious  will be in your mind always. No need to remember.

                                 you will become meditation.

        Creative mediation is  No Mind, No born  and Mindfulness state.

       The one word meditation is being creatively conscious or consciously creative.

          when you are doing any work with creative and conscious not only mediation arises the ultimate goal of  universe arises that is  " compassion, the universal love"

             In other words being creative is being new to situation.  Every situations and problems are new, but you are approaching it with your old experience.  Be new to every situation and problem.  

            Just try and become buddha Immediately.

            Tried.   Share your experience...............

 By Mugil Geet

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Question and Answer:
What is Creative  Conscious Meditation?
It is one word meditation.

How to do this?
Just remember  that,  I am concisiouly creative  all the time. That's all.

How it works?
our universe is nothing but Creative Conscious.  When you are  creatively conscious you are resonance with the universe. Then you are universe.

What  is   who am I ?
When go on asking yourself who am I you will come  to  know your ultimate source. The nature of the ultimate source is Consciously Creative.

What will happen when act with consciously creative?

You will experiment with all your act. Then you will find your own rhythm with life.

Can we add consciously Creative with any other meditation?
Yes you can do any thing in the universe consciously creative.  When you add any type of meditation it will be great.   Contemplating death, no mind, abide unborn , any method can be added with Consciously Creative.

Why so many problems and arrogance in the world?

You are great  energy by nature. You are imprisoned in the human body and mind.  The problems of life because our  energy wants to liberated from our body and mind.   

      Creative meditation and Breathing.

       Meditation and Breathing are directly related. The other form of meditaion is controlled breathing,  Slow breathing is one of the mediation.  As creative meditation you can do slow breathing any time of the day with out harm. 

                   We all breath 15 to 20 times every minute.  If you watch or consciously  control the our breath it will come down even up to 4 per minute. just  try  to inhale  slowly and exhale slowly at first.  You will see deep breathing.  Don't force yourself.  Gradually your  breathing rate  willcome down. In the beginning do it  for 10 minutes. Then gradually increase time.  You can do it any time, any where, any act,  After some time you will watch you are doing  slow breathing unconsciously.  It will give more health benefits, you will feel it from day one.